Give me the other one too

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Hashirama (ch 626)


This is not okay.

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Gray: Let’s use our full magic!

Juvia: Yes!!

As promised, few panels from the last FT chapter! Thanks to all of you who watched my Livestream, and I’m sorry if it was too late for some of you but that was the only time I was available!

Enjoy the Gruvianess!!

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima

Coloring by LadyGT


sketches-and-berries said:

Oh my gosh, if you draw Flare Corona I will cry of absolute joy ;_; pretty please!

There you go, hope you will like it! :D Thanks again for the suggestion!

I’m back!! This one was inked traditionally and then ruined on Photoshop, I’ll upload more later! Thanks again to all of you for the feedbacks! I really appreciated it and I loved all your ideas!